Woman from Moldova adopts six children

A woman from Drochia city, Moldova has decided to adopt six children from an orphanage after her children went to university to study.

Lidia Buculici and her husband have adopted the children 6 years ago. According to Protv the woman loves her adopted children like they were her own. She was aware that each one of them went through trauma but she taught them how to smile again. Lidia had 3 children before she adopted the children from the orphanage. She noted that at every meal she needs to cook 12 liters of food.

One of her adopted children, Eugen used to suffer from hunger and for him, every meal is like a gift. He says that he loves his adoptive mother because she loves them and feeds them on time.Eugen has been with them for 3 years while the other five children have lived with them for six years.

The couple wanted to adopt one child, however, they adopted five in the end. One of the adopted girls, Olga ended up in the orphanage as she came from a broken family. Her father was beating her and her mother. Her mother, unfortunately, was killed by her father and her father ended up in jail. The girl and her one-year-old brother thus were put in the orphanage by the authorities. The girl said she was desperate to find someone to come and adopt them and they were lucky that Lidia came to their rescue.

The girl says that now her adopted mother sings to them every evening before going to bed, she teaches them games and poems.

The family receives money from the government to raise the children, however, it is not enough. Although the father says that they are doing their best to be financially secure, they are also keeping chickens, geese, a cow and pigs around the house to help with their income.

The woman was told that she can host the children until they are 18 and then she can tell them to leave. However, she said that this is their home and she will never want to ask them to leave.





source: ProTV






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