Mircea Cartarescu wins Thomas Mann prize for Literature

Romanian writer Mircea Cartarescu has just been awarded with the Thomas Mann prize for Literature 2018. The prize is one of the most important German literary awards.

Mircea Cartarescu said on his Facebook page

I’ve just learned with great emotion the news that I’m the winner of the Thomas Mann Prize for Literature on 2018. I’m deeply grateful to the jury and the Bavarian Academy, too and the City of Lubeck which are to grant this prize to me.


The prize is worth 25,000 euros and it is a grant given by Lubeck city and the Academy of Fine Arts of Bavaria. The prize will be given to Cartarescu on November 17 in Lubeck.

Mircea Cartarescu is currently one of the most important writers of the Romanian literature. He has published many poetry books, novels and short stories. She has also been publishing in many newspapers such as Neue Zurcher Zeitung, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Berliner Zeitung. His books were translated in many languages, such as German, English, and Spanish. Cartarescu was previously awarded the State Prize of Austria for European literature (2015), the Giuseppe Acerbi prize and the Leteo prize.




source: buchmarket.de






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