Suceava firefighters save baby deer from death

A baby deer was saved from death by the Suceava firefighters. The baby slipped and fell on a river bank and it was found almost frozen by the saviors.

The firefighters covered it with blankets and they took it to a shelter.The Facebook page of the ISU Bucovina Suceava showed the firefighters climbing down towards the Valea Seaca river. The deer seemed to be stuck there. The Facebook post noted that on Friday morning around 10 o’clock passers-by noticed that a baby deer was stuck on the river bank and it was struggling to get out of the waters.

The problem was that the bank is steep and they have a 3-meter level and this has stopped the baby deer to reach the dry area. People called the firefighters who went into the river and saved the baby. Now the deer is in care and the saviors will make sure that it will be freed in a secure place. The baby deer was not harmed.

source: digitv








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