Girl from Galati wins Best Romanian Student in Europe award

A young lady from Galati has won the Best Romanian Student in Europe award. Claudia Gabriela Mitrofan is currently a student at Medicine at Cambridge University.

Claudia said that she considers herself a product of Romanian education and that she wants to return to Romania. She said that she did not expect to receive the award and that she believes all Romanian students abroad deserve a prize because they are a product of Romanian education and that they are working hard to promote a positive image of Romania abroad.

Claudia has left Galati 9 years ago to study for a scholarship and she has graduated from the East England university with a biochemistry award. She has worked for a pharma company where she has developed therapeutical antibodies. Then, she has continued her studies and she did two Master degrees and then she obtained a PhD scholarship.

She noted that she wanted to finish university and then return to Romania to develop her research.









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