Lawyer Andrei Iancu named US Patent and Trademark Office director

Romanian Andrei Iancu has been voted as director of the US Patent and Trademark Office. Iancu at the moment is a managing partner at a firm in Los Angeles.

Andrei Iancu is an intellectual property litigator and has experience in patent and trademark prosecution. He has previously worked with digital video recording company TiVo Corp and with a gene-testing company called Arios Diagnostics. His job will involve deciding who will own rights to inventions in the field of software, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices.

He will have to manage 8,000 patent examiners who grant rights to around 300,000 inventions every year. As well, the agency also handles trademark registrations for logos and brand names.

Law School professor Dennis Crouch stated


As a longtime patent attorney and patent litigator, Iancu brings both a wealth of experience and understanding of the system.

As well, Alliance Executive Director Brian Pomper added


Iancu has a clear understanding of the importance of strong patent rights and a strong US patent system to American innovation, job creation and competitiveness.

According to Reuters, the agency was under scrutiny in the past and was criticized by companies such as Facebook and Alphabet because they have apparently given rights to dubious patents which lead to lawsuits. As well, companies like Pfizer have asked for the patent system to be reformed.



source:- ip-watch












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