Sergiu Pasca wins Vilcek Prize for biomedical research

Sergiu Pasca, a Romanian neuroscientist has been awarded the Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise in the Biomedical Science category.

The scientist is currently doing research at Standford University. The prize was given for “for developing realistic models of the human brain and unearthing fundamental insights into the biology of neuropsychiatric diseases like autism” and it is normally given to encourage immigrants who have already achieved great things in their field. The prize is given every year to researchers in a different field and this year six awards were given.

Sergiu Pasca is from Cluj-Napoca and he graduated from the medical school in Cluj-Napoca. He went on to study to Stanford after meeting Jack McMahan a neurobiologist who advised him to apply for a postdoctoral position at Standford. In 2009 he received a fellowship from the International Research Organization.











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