Cluj City Hall to pay rent for victims of domestic violence

The Cluj-Napoca city hall will pay fully or partially the rent for victims of domestic violence. The city hall will give between 900- 1400 lei for a period of one year.

According to the mayor stated that around half a million euro was allocated for this project. This is a first for Romania, as victims of domestic violence have never received this type of support. The project also wants to support people that suffer from different issues, such as unemployed people that do not have enough money to care for their children or their utilities.

The city hall wants to help people to not become poorer. The financial help will be given for 12 months and there will be a possibility to prolong this help with another 24 months. This is done in order to help people find a job and to be able to support their families.

The city hall will also work with the national job centre to find jobs for people. The idea behind the project is also to show that the Cluj community cares about the unfortunate and that they are ready to help people in need.

The financial help will be given to families that earn less than 1,500 lei per person as long as they do not own any property.










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