101 smilling portraits exhibited at the Botanical Park in Timisoara

Who doesn’t love a smile? Now you can see many smiles thanks to a special exhibit in Timisoara.

The portraits of over 101 simple people smiling are exposed at the Botanical garden until March 20. This has been done thanks to the “I am here” project which aims to make people acknowledge that they are part of a community.

The portraits show simple people who were approached on the streets of Timisoara. Over 200 people were approached to be photographed and thus 101 photographs have been made. The organizers said that the objective of the campaign is to communicate locals that everyone in Timisoara is the same, that everyone has the same needs and expectations and that people share the city and they have an impact on it.

As well, the organizers pointed out that it does not matter what job we have, where we were born and what hobbies we have as long as people live in this city, they are together.  The photographs have messages such as: love, dream, live, collaborate, accept, help, imagine, respect, inspire.








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