Adina Pintilie’s “Touch me not” wins Golden Bear award

A big victory for Adina Pintilie this weekend as her movie has won the Golden Bear award. “Touch me not” won the best movie award and also the Best Debut movie.

Pintilie said that she was curious to see how the media and the audience will react to the movie because the movie is an invitation to dialogue. The movie is a challenge to the viewer and the audience has to reconsider their views of intimacy.

It was by far the most controversial film of the film festival. Many critics reportedly walked out of the first press screening, because they found Pintilie’s provocative film too shocking. At the world premiere on the evening of the 22nd Feb. 2018 there were only a few walk-outs and “Touch Me Not” got a big applause.

Pintilie said

 I think for many people this film might not be comfortable but at the same time we challenge you, the viewer, to dialogue and to look at yourself.







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