Man from Oradea builds house to accommodate abandoned elders

There are many kind-hearted people out there, but some people really dedicate their lives to help others. Such is this incredible case of Viorel Pasca, a man who created a special asylum for the elderly.  The asylum accommodates 200 old people now. However, at the beginning, the man was accommodating them in his own house. He was forced in time to find more space and he has built a building from his own money and from donations.

According to TVR, the place was called Dumbrava and all the people who live there were found either on the streets or in hospitals in Oradea and they needed care.  The TV report shows how many of them have lost their houses, they don’t have money, their pensions are small and they don’t have families who need to care for them. Many of them have physical or mental disabilities and they need daily care. All these people are cared for from money coming from donations.


source: reporter Claudia Drutu






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