The story of a Romanian woman who created a sophisticated pencil for Queen Elizabeth

A Romanian woman has become famous due to her unusual talent. Daniela Paladi creates luxurious pencils and one of her pencils was offered to Queen Elisabeth.

Daniela Paladi was born in Lugoj, Romania and has studied at the Arts and Architecture University in Sibiu. She has become a Maths teacher and after ’89 she moved to Germany. She says that she was only 14 when she found her first success in design. Her mother was working for an international fashion company and she was creating dresses for a woman who worked for the government. Her mother decided to use on of her sketches. Later on, in 1982 she has created her first jewelry set and she had her first fashion show after she moved to Germany in Hersbruck.

She has become passionate about pencils after she collaborated with Corment Deneke, which is one of the oldest pencil factories that has a 150-year-old tradition. The first pencil she created was for king Mihai. In 2011 she has started to collaborate with Derwent Cumberland Pencil which is a traditional supplier for the British Royal Family. On her 60-year-old coronation anniversary, Queen Elisabeth was given a pencil that symbolizes her scepter. Now, Daniela Paladi’s pencils are treasured by many across the world and they are often given as gifts by the rich.





source: adevarul






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