Dutch company to build the fifth largest eolian park in the world in Romania

An enormous eolian park is to be built in Romania in the near future. The park will be the fifth largest park in the world and it will be built by a company from the Netherlands.

The investment for the 1,000 MW park would cost 1 billion euros and the construction would start this year. Once the project will be finished the capacity of eolian parks in the country will increase by 30%. At the moment the capacity of all eolian parks is of 3,000 MW.  The company already has all the permissions for the building of the park. Around 5,000 hectares will be used in this project and several long-term contracts were signed with the local authorities and with landowners in relation to this project.


362 eolian turbines are to be installed in two separate areas- 120 turbines in Buzau county and 242. turbines in the south of Dobrogea.


source: digi







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