Romanian entrepreneurs create travel website to compete with Airbnb

You probably heard of Airbnb and you probably booked a room with them on one of your holidays to get a local type of experience. A group of Romanian entrepreneurs thought about the fact that this type of website is not adapted to Romanian internal tourism. So, they created a Romanian platform for accommodation and for tourist experiences.

The creators of came up with the idea after seeing a TV report about Romania’s tourism. They thought that Romania does not have an efficient platform for internal tourism promotion and so they decided to create a concept for Bed and Breakfast for Romania. But what would determine people to go on a website like this, when the world already has Airbnb or The creators of the website realized that people have to pay high fees to advertise their b&bs and that these websites do not have many features for people that wanted to visit Romania. One of the problems was that it was hard for people to get involved in the local tourism.

Therefore, the idea behind the website was to let anyone not only rent a place but also enjoy a personal experience in order to fully enjoy Romania. Therefore, users can rent their home but they can also organize a personal tourism experience, such as cooking, sports and photography. According to the founders, the most searched destinations for the summer were Costinesti, Mamaia, Vama Veche, Constanta and Eforie Nord and for the winter season, the most searched destinations have been Sinaia, Predeal, Brasov, Maramures and Moeciu.










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