Romanian painter wins 1st place at the Oxford International Art Fair

Romanian painter Bogdan Mihai Radu has won the first place at the Oxford International Art Fair 2018. This is the first time the Romanian artist has participated at an international art fair. By winning this award the artist will be qualified to participate at the International Art Festival in Tokyo.

The Oxford International Art Fair organizers have praised Bogdan Mihai Radu:


A Romanian artist whose works spoke volumes at the entrance to the show. On an immense scale that’s immersive, Bogdan’s abstracted expressionism is bold and striking, dense with mood and emotion telling a story of his life, a traumatic episode and a challenging psychological state with which Bogdan worked through in these paintings. ‘I cannot live without painting,’ says Bogdan, ‘because it’s only when I paint that I feel truly alive.’ He is thrilled to have won this award.


Bogdan has received the award on his birthday and he noted that it is hard for him to express his feelings about the award. He will most likely express his joy through painting.

Thousands of art lovers have attended the festival this year. Famous artists but also novice artists exposed their works for a few days in Oxford.

source: agerpres






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