Woman’s story goes viral after she feeds and takes in poor man off the streets

A Romanian woman’s gesture has become viral online in the last few days. The woman has decided to help an old homeless man and she invited him to her place. She noted on Facebook that she was returning home one night when she met a 73-year-old man. She noticed how he was poor, his clothes were wet and dirty and he was wearing large shoes. She asked him if he needed a blanket and he said he wanted a thicker one.

The woman asked him to come home with her to give him the blanket. On the way home the young woman asked him if he ate that day and he did not remember. So, she decided to invite him to dinner. She cooked dinner for him and asked for his story. She found out that he was very smart, he spoke fluently English and Italian. He used to live in the US but he returned home when he was young. Now, his only support he has is a social benefit of 130 lei. He lives in a one bedroom house without heating.

The woman, in the end, let the man sleep at her house overnight. Now, she is hoping to help the man further.




source: greatnews







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