Rares Darius Buhai included in the International IT Hall of Fame for winning four gold medals at the International IT Olympiad

A young student from Bistrita was placed 2nd in the Hall of Fame of the IT international Olympiad. In the history of the Olympiad, only two young students have managed to win 4 gold medals by participating in the Olympiad four times. These were Rares Darius Buhai and a student from Poland, Filip Wolski. The winner of the Hall of Fame is Gennady Korotkevici from Belarus, who won six gold medals and a silver one.

This year Rares Darius Buhai has won a gold medal. As well, Alexandru Velea from Cluj-Napoca and Marius Valentin Harsan from Bucharest have each won a silver medal. Andrei Popa from Vaslui has won the bronze medal.

Rares Darius Buhai is currently studying at the Liviu Rebreanu National College in Bistrita. At the moment Romania is in the fourth place in the overall world rank. Romanian students have won 95 medals, of which 25 were gold. The overall winners is China with 107 medals, Poland on the second place with 97 medals, Russia with 96 medals, then Romania. Bulgaria has followed Romania with 93 medals.


source- greatnews








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