Romanian woman invents portable fingerprint reader to be used for medical records

A Romanian woman has invented a portable scanner that stores medical data. Alexandra Grigore is the founder of an organization who has invented a special scanner that is used to scan people’s fingerprints and that stores their medical information.

The device is now used in Africa and in Asia. The scanner is mobile and it is capable to create a complete medical folder in which people have all their medical date. The device connects to a smartphone and the fingerprints are stored in a data folder. Doctors and medical assistants are able to use these scanners easily.


The scanner uses biometrical technology which allows institutions and organizations to reduce bureacuracy and to use a mobile system. According to Alexandra Grigore, there are around 1,1 billion people in the world that are not documented in any way. This means they do not have a birth certificate or a passport.

Alexandra Grigore has studied economics at the Bucharest Polytechnics and she has a master degree in nanotechnology which she has studied in Germany. As well, Alexandra has won the grand prize at the Women Startup Challenge Europe 2017.


source: CNN








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