Bison Land wins second place at the Best of 100 Awards Ceremony in Berlin

Bison Land has won the second place at the Best of 100 Awards Ceremony in Berlin, Best of Nature category.

The prize is given to the most appreciated green touristic areas in the world. This is the first time an area from Romania has won such an award.  The competition was organized within the Tourism Fair in Berlin on March 7. The list includes the best destinations in the world where there is an active protection of natural habitats and wild fauna.

Bison Land was also included in the Top 100 Sustainable Destinations a few months ago. The land has also won another award last year at the Global Green Destinations Event 2017 in Portugal. Sebastian Catanoiu, the director of the Vinatori-Neamt natural park said that there have been efforts towards the world recognition of this park. Including this place in the top 100 means an important accomplishment for the area. The Bison Land has started to function in 2005 and in 2009 it was recognized at a European level and it has been included in the European Destinations of Excellence network. In 2016 the Land has become the forth ecotouristic destination in Romania.

The top was created in order to help the nominated areas learn how to become better touristic destinations by involving the local communities. 57 countries were nominated and a team of experts has chosen the winners according to 15 criteria.








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