The amazing Tibi Useriu wins the Arctic Ultra 6633 ultra-marathon for the third time!

The amazing Tibi Useriu has managed to win the ultramarathon Arctic Ultra 6633 for the third time. Many people have followed him during this tough trip and saw him fighting to get through the tough cold.

Tibi will now go down in history as the only person in the world to win the race three times. The marathon is 618 km long and participating have to walk through extreme temperatures. This time the marathon was harder, as it was longer by 57 km and it also included an ice road and a frozen river.

Tibi Useriu has walked for 7 days and he managed to lead the race, in spite of frostbites. He reached the finish line on Friday morning during a blizzard.

32 people participated in the race and eight of them dropped. Three of them were Romanians and they had to drop due to health issues caused by extreme temperatures. He said

It was very hard. When I was walking I couldn’t pull out my phone, I was a snow man. I couldn’t unzip the jacket, with the mask, the glasses… and my hand was freezing. I couldn’t even talk on the phone…When I was reaching the checkpoints I was so tired that I couldn’t do anything. The Ice Road “ate me alive”. It was very hard.




One time during the race Tiberiu kneeled down but he got up. Everyone online was able to see his struggle and his amazing will to win as he got up and continued walking.









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