Apps invented by high school students: the portable EKG and the app that prevents railroad accidents

Several students from an IT high school in Bucharest have invented several useful apps. In a time where most teenagers watch youtube videos or waste time on Snapchat, the five Romanian students have used their IT knowledge in a useful way.

According to digi24, Horia, Ricardo, Mihnea, Dimitrie, and Bogdan have used their coding knowledge to create apps that will most likely be necessary in our daily life. For example, Bogdan Mihnea has invented an app that might potentially save people’s lives.

The app blocks all radio frequencies and al the apps on a smartphone when a person approaches a rail crossing. This might prevent train and car crashes. Bogdan got his inspiration for this app from American Ambulances which use the same technology to control traffic. The app warns the driver by sending messages 5 seconds before they reach the train barrier.

Another interesting app was invented by Horia Zaharia who created a portable KG which sends mobile messages in case of heart attack. The teenager is volunteering for the Red Cross and this is where he got the idea to invent the app. Its name is” Save a Loved One Belt”. Horia noted that he saw many people who do not know first aid so he wanted to let the emergency services know as fast as possible when someone has a heart attack. This means the app transmits an sms to a designed person. Horia wants to develop the app so it can send a mobile message with a certain code that lets the person know if they are prone to having a heart attack hours before it happens.



Mihnea Visoiu and Dimitrie Costache have invented an unusual app that transforms a house in an intelligent house called HomeKitSmart. Another app was invented by Ricardo Olaru, who is in the fifth grade. He invented an app which will be able to move dangerous chemical substances from the area, in order to save people from a fire.



source: digi








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