Domestic violence victims in Constanta to receive full protection from the city council

Good news for victims of domestic violence in Constanta as the city council has decided to fully protect them. The council has created a special deparment to prevent family violence within the Abuse, Neglect and Family violence Intervention Service. The council has also approved also founding the Emergency welcoming department for victims of domestic violence.

This means an emergency number was created for victims. This is 0341/921. The number is open 24/7 and it is free.  Victims who call the number and also witnesses can receive useful information, councilling on how to use the laws to protect themselves, psychological councilling, vocational orientation and they can also ask for the mobile team to go to their home.

This social service is free and it will provide help to victims and minors. They will receive protection from the aggressor, medical assistance, accommodation, food, psychological care and judicial care.









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