Romanian students invent the intelligent chair that tells you when you have a bad posture

A group of students from Cluj-Napoca Technical University has created an intelligent chair that warns the person that sits on them if they have a bad posture. The chair will also warn the sitter if they have spent too much time sitting.

The four students are now looking for a partner to produce these chairs on a larger scale. The group spent only one week to develop this app. George Flutur, one of the members of the group says that everyone will win. This is because many people spent hours sitting in an incorrect position.

Ionut Danci, Movileanu Bogdan and Lengyel Karoly, who are also studying at the Automatics University said that they started this project from zero. The chair has six sensors and its system is based on a server. The sensors transmit data to the server. The data is afterwards verified and with the help of a phone app they are verified. The user will receive notifications while sitting in an incorrect position and they can monitor their position in real time. The app will also show a history of how people sit. The students believe that the chair will be also helpful in medical institutions.







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