Thanks to a group of students, Cluj restaurants now have menus in Braille

A wonderful project has been adopted by several restaurants in Cluj-Napoca. The restaurants will now also have special Braille menus, along with classic menus. Blind people will now not have any problems when they want to order something to eat or drink.

The project was created by several students from Onisifor Ghibu highschool in Cluj and it’s called Feel Your Menu. The purpose of the project is to make the city a friendlier place for people with disabilities.

The menus have been accepted now in several restaurants and people with sight deficiencies stated that they are happy this project makes their life easier. One customer said that she always had to bring someone with her when she wanted to go to a restaurant as she did not want to be an inconvenience to the waiters. Another lady customer said that the issue was that she could not be aware of her budget as she could not see the prices. Some restaurants owners said that they wanted to implement such a project but they did not have the technology to do it. The students have managed to get money for the project thanks to a charitable event that the high school is holding each year.

source: tvr






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