Turda beats 2,500 European towns and wins the Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning Award

Turda has won the Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning Award in Bruxelles. Other cities that were nominated in this category were Milano and Manchester.

Other cities and towns that were awarded were Viena and Igoumenitsa. The cities have won the prizes for durable mobility.  Over 2,500 towns have competed in this competition and amazingly the little town of Turda has beaten them all.

The award was given for the clear vision in planning, the strong strategy in financing and its measurable objectives. As well, the town was praised for its ambitious plans and stated that Turda could be a source of inspiration for many other towns.

The jury was formed of independent experts in the field of mobility and transport. The EU Commision will create a promotional video for each winning city and town in which they are going to show its achievements.





source: transilvaniareporter.ro







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