14 year old Alexandru Talanci invents medical app which monitors hospitalised patients

He is only 14 years old and he is already saving lives. Alexandru Talnaci has invented a medical app which monitors hospitalized patients and will help patients that are in critical conditions. The app called Smart Health Monitoring System is an app created for Android and has won the first prize at an app competition called MobilPro 2018, organized by the Polytechnic University from Bucharest. The competition had three categories: Smart Health, Smart Travel and Million Dollar Idea.

The teenager had to compete with many other young students from different countries.

Alexandru wanted to invent the app after hearing about a tragedy from 2010 when at the Giulesti maternity several babies have died due to a fire. The fire was caused by an old electrical installation.

Alexandru has created the app in 3 weeks only. The app measures the vital signs of patients thanks to a smart bracelet which monitors the heart pulse and the body temperature. As well, the app has smoke, gas and temperature sensors.


source: romaniainimagini.net







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