Constantin Ciotoiu wins several bronze medals at the European Weightlifting Championships

Ilie Constantin Ciotoiu has won several bronze medals at the European Championships at the 56 kilograms category.

The Romanian sportsman has won at the 137 kilograms and the total of 247 kilograms. The gold medal was secured by Josue Brachi from Spain with 254 kilograms and Mirco Scarantino with 138 kilograms.

In jerk Mirco Scarantino won the gold with 138 kilograms, Josue Brachi won the silver medal with 138 kilograms and Constatin Ciotoiu won the bronze with 137 kilograms.
In total Brachi has won the gold medal with 254 kilograms, Mirco Scarantino with 253 kilograms and Ilie Constantin Ciotoiu with 247 kilograms.

Last year Constantin Ciotoiu has also won 2 bronze medals.

source: agerpres






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