Elena Andries wins three gold medals at the European Weightlifting championships

Romanian Elena Andries has won three gold medals on the first day of the European Weightlifting Championships. Elena Andries has won the medals at the 48 kilograms category. She has won for the 79-kilogram category, 100 kilograms for throwing and the total of 179 kilograms.

The silver medal was secured by Anais Michel with 174 kilograms and the bronze medal by Daniela Pandova with 165 kilograms.

Elena Andries is currently performing for CSU Galati. She has previously won two medal bronzes at the European Championships last year. This is the first time she has had such a huge success at a competition. She stated:

I am proud of what I am doing and I am hoping that people can see me and that they are happy with what I have achieved. I have worked very hard and I’ve been through a lot, but I want to thank my coaches that stood by me and understood me. They have supported him at all times. I’ve been injured for a while, but I recovered. I was not sure I will get gold medals, but I was sure I will earn some medals.



Overall, Elena has 15 gold and silver medals which she has won while she was participating in junior competitions.

source: greatnews.ro







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