At 91, Elena Pagu wins the European Masters championships

The amazing Elena Pagu has won another competition this year. At age 91 she has won the European Masters championships for 5 km in her age category.

Ms Pagu, who is already a European champion as well as a World champion stated that she wanted to bring a medal for our country. She stated that she competed with younger women than she and she managed to win. Overall 25 women have competed.

As well, last week Ms Pagu was awarded Women of the Year Award for Excellence in Sports. The award was given by footballer Ciprian Marica within the Avantaje magazine awards. Every year the magazine awards unusual women that excel in their field. Marica stated that Pagu is a wonder in sports and her biggest victory is against time as she has passed the age of 90 without needing medical drugs.

Pagu noted that she felt honored and happy. For her walking and marching has been a way of life. She added that walking and just doing exercise is very helpful and healthy with age. Pagu is now preparing for the World Championships which will take place this autumn.



source: libertatea







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