Over 550 volunteers plant 10,350 trees in Prahova county

Hundreds of volunteers have spent their weekend planting thousands of trees in Prahova county. On Saturday, March 31st the Padurea Copiilor ( Children’s forest) association has organized an event called The Big Planting.

photo by Radu-Cristi

Around 550 volunteers have chosen to come to Aricestii Rahtivani and plant 10,350 trees. Overall the trees cover an area of 6 hectares. Last year volunteers have planted other trees and this year several completions have been made to the forest. The next step is to care for the forest and to complete the planting with trees for the next 7 years. After 7 years the forest will be complete and the next 7 years will be spent monitoring the area so it can become a green area for the community. Not only individual volunteers have come to help but also several companies have brought their employees for special teambuilding events.



source: totb.ro

See more photos here Padurea Copiilor







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