Andrei Pastin wins the gold medal at the World Fencing Championships

Andrei Pastin has won the gold medal at World Fencing Championships in the male category for cades and juniors. The competition is taking place in Verona, Italy.

Andrei has beaten Robert Vidovsky from USA with 15-10 in the finals and Alonso Santamaria from Spain with 15-11. Previously he has beaten Szymon Hryciuk from Poland with 15-14, Oleg Iuzakov from Russia, Hyun Jun from South Korea and Rares Ailinca from Romania. Rares Ailinca ended up on the 7th place.

Pastin was coached by Rares Dumitrescu. It is the first time that a Romanian won the gold medal in the cadet category at the World Championships, male category. In 2015, in the women’s category, Alexandra Predescu has won the gold medal. As well, at the same competition in Verona, Bianca Benea, Alexandra Predescu, Denisa Barosan and Zsuzsa Schlier have won the silver medals.

source: agerpres






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