Thousands of volunteers to plant 50,000 trees across Transylvania

Thousands of volunteers will plant trees in several counties throughout Transylvania. This will be done thanks to a national campaign for tree planting called ” We plant good deeds in Romania”.

It is estimated that around 50,000 trees will be planted around the area of Rau de Mori, Hunedoara county, Sohodol and Bucium in Alba county. The planting of coniferous trees will be finished in May. Volunteering positions are still open until April 15 on The fir tree is the tree that represents Romania and after a poll organized in May , 43,08% people stated that they believed the fir tree is representative of our country. As well, 95.66% of correspondents said that planting trees in a mountainous area is beneficial for the local community. From 2011 to 2018 over 31,000 volunteers have planted and maintained 664,000 trees on 207 hectares around 22 counties in Romania.











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