Mircea Cartarescu wins the prestigious Formentor Prize of Letters 2018

Romanian poet and novelist Mircea Cartarescu has been awarded the Formentor Prize of Letters 2018 in Argentina. The award is considered one of the most prestigious in the world of international literature. The award ceremony took place at the Biblioteca Nacional de la Republica Argentina in Buenos Aires.

The writer’s entire work has been recognized by a group of judges who have debated in secrecy over the winners at the Casa de Victoria Ocampo in Argentina.

Cartarescu has been praised for his narrative capacity but also for his knowledge of universal literature.  Cartarescu noted that he was humbled to accept the award and that he was extremely honored. Cartarescu said he felt humbled by the fact that he won the award given the fact that other brilliant writers have won it in previous years. Cartarescu also noted that when he started writing 40 years ago he could not imagine that someday his writing will be loved by so many people in Romanian language and as well in the Spanish language.

Previously the award has been given to writers such as Javier Marys, Juan Goytisolo, Carlos Fuentes, Ricardo Piglia and Roberto Calasso. The prize is 50,000 euros worth and it was given for the first time in the 1960’s. The prize carries the name of the Formentor town on the Mallorca island which is famous for its literary reunions.




Enrique Redel






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