“Wild Romania”, an amazing nature documentary to hit cinema theatres this weekend

There are many wonderful nature documentaries out there, however, no television or film company has made one for Romania until now. The locals know that our country is amazingly beautiful and has a diverse fauna and flora, however, nobody has managed to capture its beauty.

This year a group of filmmakers has produced a documentary movie called ” Wild Romania” which shows the wildlife from diverse areas such as Piatra Craiului Mountains, Fagaras mountains, Apuseni mountains, Bucharest and Cluj areas.

The movie will be showcased today in several cinemas across the country. Alpinist Alex Gavan stated that it is the most beautiful and moving movie he has ever seen about Romania’s wildlife. Actress Maia Morgenstern stated that she has discovered many things she did not know about the country and director Tudor Giurgiu said that the movie is necessary because Romania suffers from a lack of movies that make Romanians feel proud of themselves.

The movie’s voice over was provided by Victor Rebengiuc in Romanian language and Mark Strong provided the English version. It took 12 months to film the movie. The team has traveled over 80,000 kilometers through the Danube, Portile de Fier, Cheile Beusnita national park, Vacaresti natural Park, Iasi and Cluj areas.









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