Romanian student invents app to help children suffering from anorthopia

Many new apps are developed every day, some more useless than others. It is quite rare indeed for an actual useful app to be invented. The most useful apps could be considered those that can help you organize, those that care about your finance and the medical ones.

This is what Maria Juncu from the Medicine University in Cluj has thought about. The young student who is in her fourth year at the Iuliu Hatieganu university has managed to invent a medical app which will help thousands of children. Together with a young man from Germany she is developing an app that will help children who suffer from anorthopia ( a medical disease which is defined as-” distorted vision in which straight lines appear bent or curved”) According to, 4-5 percent of children born in a year suffer from this disease.

Maria stated that if anorthopia is not corrected in time it has devastating effects such as the visual impairments and social problems. Children that suffer from it have to take special medicine, to wear glasses and some have to undergo surgery. As well, they have to take regular hospital visits. The app that she has invented is called Smarteye and it will help many parents and children from having to visit doctors. The app would transform medical eye exercises into interactive games. The app consists in little interactive games in which users have to play with images. The user will have to wear special glasses which help one image be seen with an eye and the other image with a different eye.









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