Three students cook and feed homeless people with their own money

The younger generation is always criticized, however many times young people have shown amazing initiative when concerning helping people with financial problems. A group of students from Iasi has shown great concern for those in need. They have combined their love of cooked food with their will of helping people and this is how their project called Troc was created.

Alexandru Horaicu, Bogdan Puiu, and Diana Chirita have started cooking food from their own money in their flat and then they have served it for free in orphanages and city areas that have been affected by poverty. They often go to the train station area in Iasi where they are already known and waited for twice a month. The three medicine students stated that they have seen many people living from begging and they wanted to help them get a warm meal. During the winter time, they have managed to feed more than 20 people.

Now, the three students who are studying at the Gr. T. Popa Medicine and Pharmacy University in Iasi have managed to help the Saint Maria children hospital in Iasi get a new cantine room and a renovated kitchen.

The three have raised over 20,000 lei to help renovate the rooms. They have changed the doors, the tiles, they bought new furniture and tools.











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