Cluj locals queue to buy real tasty traditional Romanian tomato seedlings

Most Romanians that have immigrated to Western countries have noted how tomatoes do not have the same taste as in Romania. What most of us have noticed is the lack of flavour and strength of flavour. It seems that proper authentic flavored tomatoes have started to be hard to find lately.

Thanks to a group of researchers from the Agricultural University from Cluj- USAMV, many traditional tomato seedlings have been put out for sale. The rumor traveled fast and many locals have queued to buy the seedlings. The researchers have offered different types and the most successful ones were Inima de Bou ( Heart of Ox). Other kinds of seedlings were: Buzau, crete and also pepper seedlings such as kapia, yellow and red ones. The researchers have offered mint, basil and oregano.

The seedlings are completely grown from Romanian seeds. Engineer Florica Maniutiu noted that the tomatoes are different from other supermarket kinds as they are very sweet, have soft pulp and they have a thin skin. Moreover, these are the tomatoes that our grandparents used to eat.

Locals are able to plant them after 2 weeks after buying them. However, the researchers advised people to wait until there will be no big difference between day and night temperatures.










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