24 World Records held by Romanians, in pictures

World records are constantly beaten every year and people keep inventing new ways of doing things. Why do people do this? We don’t know, but we sure enjoy the entertainment. In fact, the Guinness World Records books have sold over 141 million copies in more than 100 countries! You can get the last updated and published one here.  We have managed to make a list of world records that Romanians have beaten. Some of these might be already beaten as every year people are fighting to enter the Book of World Records. Here are 24 world records that Romanians have beaten so far:

  1. The largest gathering of people in traditional Romanian clothing

This might be difficult to attempt in other countries, but Romanians have managed to beat this record on May 14 2017. In Bistrita Nasaud 9,643 people gathered in the city centre to celebrate the National Day of Folk Costume and to break the record.

  1. The largest cabbage dish in the world

It was cooked at Odorheiu Secuiesc in 2014. It weighed 2,960 kg and it probably took a long time to eat.

  1. The longest sausage in the world

It measured 62,75 kilometres! It was created in Ploiesti in 2014 in the parking of a local supermarket.

  1. The largest wooden spoon

It measured 17,79 metres in length and it was 1,50 metres wide. It was made at the Centrul Cultural in Mioveni in 2013 and it was made to look like a traditional Romanian wooden spoon.

  1. The largest hora dance

It took place in 2006 and 13,828 of people came to dance to celebrate the Day of Union on 24th of January. It took place in Slatina.

  1. The world’s heaviest building

It is located in Bucharest and it is the Palace of Parliament.  700,000 tones of steel and bronze was used in the construction of the palace, plus 1 million m3 of marble and also 3,500 tonnes of crystal glass.

The Palace of the Parliament (Romanian: Palatul Parlamentului) in Bucharest, Romania is a multi-purpose building containing both chambers of the Romanian Parliament. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the Palace is the world’s largest civilian administrative building (The Pentagon is the largest overall), most expensive administrative building, and heaviest building.

7.Most arm wrestling matches in 24 hours

Ion Oncescu has managed to do 1024 arm wrestling matches in 2012. The game took place in Bucharest and people were offered 1,000 dollars if they beat Oncescu. This means Oncescu had plenty of competitors that day.

  1. The smallest paper money

The smallest paper national note in the world was 27,5 mm long and 38mm wide. It was issued in 1917 and it was a 10 bani note.

  1. Most letters received in a lifetime

Gabriel Antoniu Lavrincic has received a whopping 22,018 letters from his pen friends between 1987 and 1991. Gabriel was corresponding with children from the USSR and he was learning also Russian from them.

  1. The most expensive newspaper in the world

You might not have heard of Zimbrulu and Vulturulu but they sold with 829,500 euros. The newspapers were sold at an auction house in Geneva and they were bought by British collector Joseph Hackmey. The newspapers value now 3 million euros. The newspaper was published in the 19th century in Moldova and it published literature.

  1. High jump world record holder

The amazing Iolanda Balas has been undefeated for 10 years in a row. She has won the gold medal  142 times.

  1. The longest love poem

“Luceafarul” was written by Mihai Eminescu and it has 98 stanzas.

  1. The longest letter to Santa

This cute world record was beaten by 2110 students from Brasov. They have written a letter to Santa on a 413,8 metres long and 37 metres wide paper.

  1. The youngest singer on stage

Cleopatra Stratan was only 3 years old when she sang live in concert for 2 hours. She is also the youngest singer to receive 3 MTV awards and the youngest singer to have a national hit.

  1. The world largest hug

9758 people have hugged in 2009 in Alba Iulia.

  1. The world’s largest goulash

It was prepared by eight chefs from Bihor in 2007 and it was served to locals in Salonta. The goulash weighed 7,3 tons.

  1. The world’s heaviest cake

It was baked in 2008 in Bucharest and it weighed 281 kilograms. Locals from Bucharest were lucky to get a piece.

  1. The largest crowd of people to dance simultaneously on the same song

In 2007, 2500 people from Targoviste gathered to dance for 6 minutes on the song “ Follow the leader”.

  1. The world’s longest basketball game

In 2007 2 teams from Sibiu has played a basketball game for 80 hours. The game started on Thursday at 11 o’clock and finished on Sunday at 7.00 p.m. Players were not allowed to leave the field, but they were able to take breaks at every 180 minutes.

19. The world’s largest painted glass icon  

It was painted by Aurelia Bobocel in 2004 and it was 2 metres long and 1,08 metres high. The artist painted the Last Supper.

  1. The longest wedding dress train in the world

It measured 1,579 metres and the dress weighed 300 kilograms. It was created at a special event dedicated to weddings in 2009 by E-marriage Fest.

  1. The largest beer glass in the world

It was made in 2009 in Timisoara. The glass has a capacity of 11,000 litres, it is 6 metre high and it weighs 2,5 tons.

  1. The tallest NBA player in the world

Ghita Muresan was born in Tritenii de Jos, Cluj county. He played in the NBA  for five seasons with Washington Bullets in 1993-1998 and for two seasons with New Jersey Nets in 1998-2000. He also starred in the movie My Giant in 1998 with Billy Crystal. He is 2,31 metres high.

  1. Most 10 scores at Olympics

When people think of Romania, Nadia comes to mind. Nadia was amazing and still is. Comaneci has scored 7 perfect scores of 10 at the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games and she has set the world record for most 10 scores at an edition of the Olympic Games.











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