Architecture students plan to restore the decaying buildings of Herculane spa town

Anyone who has been to Herculane must have been amazed at the beauty of nature and the enormous, decaying buildings. You can tell that in the past this was a beautiful and perfect place for a luxurious holiday. Herculane spa town used to be the place where royalty used to come. In the 18th century emperor, Franz Josef said that Herculane was the most beautiful spa town in Europe.

Unfortunately, many of the once magnificent buildings were left in decay. A group of young people from Timisoara, however, have decided to save the Herculane spa town. The students are currently studying architecture and after publishing several photos that showed the beauty of the buildings, they decided to restore them.  These photos were shown on the Bored Panda website and thousands of people have admired them.

The leader of the group, Oana Chirila has created the Herculane Project. She believes that although the town is suffering, it still has a strong brand. With this purpose, the students also created an organization called Locus Association to help them restore the buildings and they have chosen to focus their efforts on the Neptun spa building.

The local council was not eager to allow them to do any works in the area at the beginning. However, after hard work and persistence, the council seems to be open to the idea and the good news is that many locals have joined the association hoping to help in any way they can. The association will get funds from the local council and from donations and they are hoping that many people will want to help with this project.

source: wall street







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