Over 6,300 fir trees were planted across Transylvania last weekend

Thanks to a special campaign called ” You refresh and you replant” a large number of volunteers have joined together to plant fir trees.

The planting has started on April 21st in the areas of Bucium, Alba county, Rau de Mori, Hunedoara county and Sohodol, Alba county. In this area 200 volunteers have planted 6,300 fir trees together with celebrities such as former footballers Gabi Balint and Bogdan Stelea, the lead singer of Bere Gratis, Catalina Ponor and actor Florin Busuioc. The complete planting will finish in May. Around 50,000 fir trees will have been planted by then.

Marin Toma, president of EcoAssist association stated that they are happy that people were involved in the project and this means that some people assume responsibility for protecting the forests of our country.



source: greatnews








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