Nature-therapy base allows you to hang out in a hammock at a 200 metres altitude

Everyone loves to go on vacation. Some people like to go on a hike and some to just relax at the spa. However, who would have the courage to relax while dangling in a hammock at a height of 200 metres?

At Baia de Fier, Gorj county a relaxation and nature-therapy base was installed exactly 200 meters above the ground. The organizers say that it has taken them a week to install the system. The system will remain installed, although the hammocks were taken out as the fabric does not resist for a long time due to the effects of weather and ultraviolet. The cables that support them are around 4,500 kilograms.


There is unlimited access to the hammocks.  Dan Chiriac, the president of the White Wolf Mountain Cabin stated that he is not aware of anything similar that exists in other countries. If you are interested in this unusual nature-therapy base, the place is located 50 kilometers from Targu-Jiu. In the world, there is only one other similar event. In Italy, at Monte Piana there is an International Highline Meeting where people meet and hang out in hammocks above the ground.




source: greatnews.






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