In this Romanian commune, the whole community gathers every day to cook for their children

In Carta commune, 90 children go to the cultural home which was freshly renovated to have a meal after finishing their classes. The vegetables and the meat are donated by the locals from their own gardens. Mothers and grandmothers are taking their turns in cooking and they give it to their children.

One lady noted

“All of us parents think to do our best for our children”. Another mother said you only need goodwill to do this. They are all happy to help the children and the community.

Children were very happy to enjoy their meal together. Every day children clap and thank those who prepared their meals. This has been happening for a month, since the centre was renovated. This was thanks to money from the local council and thanks to locals who have volunteered and have painted the place. The mayor stated that they did not have many resources and workers to hire. Simona Peiua, the commune doctor said that things can be done only if everyone helps as much as they can.








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