Romanian students qualify in the semifinals of the World Robotics Competition

The  Robotics competitions are always an opportunity for Romanian students to show their creativity and inteligence. At the most recent World Robotics Championships, the students from the Ecaterina Teodoroiu National College in Targu Jiu have managed to qualify in the semifinals.

The ten students are coached by professor Mihaela Runceanu and Alex Budin. Around 640 robots coordinated by 128 teams in 20 countries particpate in the competition. Each robot must be able to do precise tasks, such as taking an object out of a ring or arrange cubes. Each game takes 2 minutes. The robots are coordinated by students and they are not allowed to touch each other.

The team is formed of : Mihai Dumitru Pîrvuleț, Ion Duiu, Vlad Mihai Udrescu, Andrei Dumitrescu, Octavian Stamatoiu Liviu, Robert Ştefan Șandru, Daniela Maria Nicola, Eduard Dumitru Popescu, Denis Alexandru Zoican and Ovidiu Rusu.








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