Alzheimer village to be built in Iasi

A wonderful initiative comes from the Socola Institute of Psychiatry in Iasi. The institute wants to build a special village for patients who suffer from Alzheimer.

The village will have houses, stores and a sports field and it is inspired by a similar village from the Netherlands. The village will also have coffee shops, restaurants, a park and a centre for entertainment. The medical nurses and specialists that will work in the village will not wear uniforms. As well, all people that will interact with the residents will be therapists, psychologists, and physiotherapists. The institute is hoping to raise money for the construction by working on a project together with the Balti Psychiatry hospital. It is estimated that the building will cost around one million euros. The location will be in the vicinity of Barnova hospital.

Gabriel Oprisanu, the manager of the Institute noted that the village will help patients with Alzheimer as all the residents will need and follow medical treatment. However, the most important thing is that they will not be considered patients but residents of the center. The institute is currently working on a programme that will detect Alzheimer in their first stages with the help of biochemical markers that are present in the blood.









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