Medicine students invent app that improves sleep quality

More and more inventions are created to improve the quality of our lives.Recently several students from the Iuliu Hatieganu Pharmacy and Medicine university have developed an app that will help us get a better sleep.

The students are not only passionate about medicine but about IT as well. Zaki Miljem, Peter Mazalik , Darius Misca and Iulia Mihele have developed an app called WakeZ which was made for busy people who need rest but don’t have time to waste. Basically, the app was made for students, people working for corporations and medical system.

The app will function together with a patch called WakeZ. The app will be free and the students will get a profit from selling the patches. The app has alread won the ASAIH 2017 competition. The app is fairly easy to use. All you need to do is set up a time interval in which you want to wake up, such as between 6.30-7. Then, you will have to set up the WakeZ patch on your skin. The patch measures the heart pulse and transmits data to the smartphone. The app will record the sleep phases based on the pulse variation.

The app will record a certain pattern of sleep based on the data and will wake you up when it shows that you are rested and productive. According to the creators, there are certain sleep apps on the market, however they make use of a bracelet which most of the time is uncomfortable to use. The patch will be patended by the students, although the app is developed in partnership with the IUliu Hatieganu Medicine and Pharmacy university.

According to research, over 80% of people have problems with waking up in the morning even though they have enough hours of sleep.















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