Gogu Constantinescu, one of the most important Romanian inventors of the 20th century

We all know at least a few famous inventors, however, some like Gogu Constantinescu have never become famous for unknown reasons. Although Constantinescu was recognized among bigger names such as Edison, Graham Bell and Marie Curie by the Graphic magazine in 1926, his name was not mentioned over the years as much as other inventors.

While Gogu Constantinescu has invented many useful things ( around 190 inventions which have been patented all over the world), he has mostly worked towards a successful usage of steel reinforced concrete. Constantinescu has studied at the Bridges and Roads School in 1899. During his years as a student, he has promoted the usage of steel reinforced concrete to his students. In 1904 he has also published materials on its usage, calculus and he has tested the usage of this material in arch bridges.

Later on, in his life, he has projected several well-known buildings throughout the country including the Sports Stadium ,the Chamber Commerce building, and the Constanta mosque.

During his time, in the 1900’s construction companies were not using steel reinforced concrete because previously several constructions throughout Europe, the Celestial Globe in Paris and the Black Bear hotel in Basle, that have used this material have had issues.

Gogu Constantinescu, however, has managed to build an arched bridge using this material, although the Romanian government in that time did not believe in its utility. Thus, the inventor has funded a company and has managed to win an auction which allowed him to build 5 bridges across the country.

Thanks to him, the first road in Romania has been paved.

Constantinescu has continued his successful career, building bridges over Siret in Adjud, Roman and Racatau. As well as the Water Castle in Peris and the bridge in Carol park in Bucharest.








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