The story of a German couple who fell in love with Romania and moved here

Many people who visit Romania are enchanted by its beautiful landscapes and are amazed at how friendly the locals are. Some of them like it so much they decide to move here.

This is the case of a German couple who moved to Mures county in 2004. According to Joan and Ulrike Schafer have established their home in Cund, Mures county and later they have set up a business, a tourist complex called Green Valley ( Valea Verde).

Jonas’ father has bought a house here in the 1990’s after retiring from a busy life in Hamburg. His father has brought donations for the children’s hospital in Sighisoara around that time and after several trips to the country he has decided to move here indefinitely. Jonas was not impressed with Romania at first as he was quite saddened by its poverty. However, having lived in London and Hamburg he states that now he would never move from here and he sees things in a different way. He prefers the little village in which he lives now to London or Hamburg.

The decision to move was made when him and his wife walked around the area and they were charmed by the landscapes. The couple has sold everything they had in Germany, including a music company. They decided to invest the money in a tourist bed and breakfast.

Thus, they have bought several Saxon houses which they have renovated. The area has a beautiful garden and also a lake. Many tourists have visited the area and even ambassadors and celebrities such as Andreea Esca. Jonas has managed to learn Romanian by interacting with his workers in the kitchen, where he personally cooks the food.







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