Romanian man creates 1000 origami cranes in 1000 days to fight depression

Depression is hard to tackle and to talk about. A young man from Suceava has found a different way of dealing with it by creating 1,000 cranes out of paper.

Cristian Marianciuc has learned the art of origami by studying Japanese and traveling to places like Lausanne and Seul. The young man had the opportunity to travel to the UK to volunteer for a charity when he finished high school. From there, he has won a scholarship and he has studied at the Macquarie University in Australia and then he went to continue his studies to France and South Korea.

When he came back to Romania he fell into depression as he could not accommodate himself to the environment. This is when he decided to create every day for 1,000 days an origami crane.

He has chosen to create crates as they are the symbol of peace and longevity. The Japanese legend says that when you create 1,000 cranes a wish will be granted. He noted that he was impressed with the story of Sadako Sasaki, a young Japanese girl who was fighting leukemia and every day she decided to create a crane. Unfortunately, the girl died when she created the 644th crane. Cristian related to her story as one of his sisters also died of leukemia.

Cristian has decided at first to create 100 cranes in 100 days, but then he extended his project to 365 days and now to 1,000 days. Cristian started his project in January 2015 and finished it in September 2017. He often posts photos of his creations on Instagram.







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