” Cluj with flowers”- Cluj locals encouraged to beautify their windows through a competition

The city of Cluj is in permanent change as every year new festivals are organized, buildings are renovated and new cafes appear in every corner. Now, the Asociation for the Beautification of Cluj is organizing a special event through which the locals are encouraged to beautify their windows, terraces and house fronts. The idea is to care for the green areas around the houses and blocks.

Best window winner- Cristina Lupan

The first edition had 40 projects participating. This year the organizers are hoping to double the number of participants. The project aims to change the city for the better and to earn the title of Flower capital. The competition is taking place between May 15- July 31st. The competitors must take 5 photos of their front house. The organizers will award the most beautiful house front, the most beautiful window, the most beautiful balcony and the most beautiful garden. The judges will take into consideration the way the flowers are arranged, the diversity of the flowers used and the way they go with the environment.


Best Balcony winner-Péter Zolcsák


source: ilovecluj.ro






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