Romania wins one gold medal and 5 silver medals at the European Canoe Championships

Romania has had good results at canoe competitions in the last few years. This year as well, the Romanian team has won several medals at the Kanoe European Championships for juniors.

The competition took place in Gravelines, France, and over 400 sportsmen have participated from 34 countries. Romania has participated with 42 sportsmen and women, Russia with 33 and Italy with 49.. The women’s team: Cristina Durga, Laura Pal, Alexandra Ungureanu, Geanina-Dumitrita Giuncanariu have won the Gold Medal with a time of 7 minutes 23 seconds beating Italy and Denmark.

The 8+1 women’s team composed of Amalia Bucu, Cristina Raileanu, Lorena Constantin, Georgiana Morosanu, Elena-Catalina Onciu, Teodora Mandrila, Alice-Elena Turcanu, Iuliana Timoc, Victoria- Stefania Petreanu has won the silver medal. The Romanian girls were beaten by the Czech team.

The male team has won the silver. Gheorghe Morar, Denis Nichitean, Andrei Lungu, Alexandru-Laurentiu Danciu were beaten by Italy with a time of 6 minutes 42 seconds.

In the 4 paddle category, Sebastian-Constantin Cirstea, Cosmin Carpea, Dumitru Valentin Bucur and Dorin Simion have won the silver medal, being beaten by the Czech team. As well, Flrin Arteni-Fintinariu and Iulian Nestian have won the silver medal, Croatia winning the gold. In the women doubles category Tabita Maftei and Alina-Maria Baletchi have won the silver medal, Greece winning the gold. As well, in the women 4 paddle category Georgiana-Simona Tataru, Adriana Surupaceanu, Gabriela Paraschi and Nicoleta Mustea have won the 3rd place with a time of 7 minutes and 23 seconds. They were beaten by the Czech Republic and Switzerland

source: agerpres






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