People with disabilities to receive free transport in Bucharest

Good news for people with physical disabilities as a new project might help them get free transport around Bucharest.

The project is called Abilitaxi and the Bucharest City Hall and the Re-Start Cauza Buna association are supporting it. The project might go through if it will be voted by the Bucharest council.  Abilitaxi will help people that use wheelchairs receive free transport in a special taxi. Users will have to book a taxi 48 hours before the trip and a drive and a helper will come and assist the person during the trip and on their way home.

The association stated that the costs should cover the salary of an administrator, a manager, three helpers and three drivers. They believe the overall cost would be of 157,263 euros. The Bucharest council often helps people with disabilities. For example, since last year the council has given 215 euros financial benefit to children with disabilities and 107 euros to adults. Overall there are 63,000 people with disabilities in Bucharest.






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